Co-Author Opportunity

We are excited to extend you a special invitation to participate in our powerful anthologies.
In our book packages we include visibility opportunities for you as one of our co-authors to not only shine and share in these powerful books.... but to also, leverage this opportunity to reach more people and be seen on more Virtual and Live Stages and Book Stores.

Our greatest need as humans is a deeper connection and love. The truth is that it all starts from the heart. It is time to open your heart to infinite possibilities.

One of the ways you can do this is by sharing your remarkable story.

If you have gone through a transformational experience that has changed the trajectory of your life then you need to share it. This experience is not for you to keep to yourself; your tribe is waiting to hear from you.

It helps to work with someone who has been on a similar path. I partner with you on your journey of storytelling, guiding you through each step of the publishing process and coaching on the right aspect of your story that is aligned with your business. You expand your influence, increase your visibility and touch more lives so that others can take inspired actions to create a life worth living.

Give the gift of you. Your Story Matters!

Mission of the Book

To provide powerful wisdom and insights around stepping more into your power. The profound affect it can have around the world by starting where you are first with yourself, then with family, friends and community.... becoming more empowered in your life, business, and in how you are being in your life, business and career. 

This book will become a powerful resource to those that are looking to learn and grow around empowerment and the remarkable courage it takes to start on the empowerment path. It will position the co-authors as experts and influencers in their respective fields. It will serve our readers to step forward as women and men in a more empowered and purposeful way.

We will be taking up to 30 co-authors with an inspiring story to participate in this powerful book compiled by Seema Giri. We will be doing our best-selling campaigns, publishing and printing to release our powerful books.

Here are 3 Reasons to become a Published Author if you are a Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur or Business Owner.

  • It gives you instant Credibility & positions you as an Authority in your field/niche
  • Increases Visibility & Reach
  • Increases your Influence & Impact

Benefits to Participating in an Anthology

Less Overwhelm

  • Writing a chapter for an anthology means that you do not have to write a full manuscript – instead you’re writing one chapter that is usually 1,000 to 2,500 words. What a great opportunity to refine your writing process on a much smaller scale, without being responsible for producing a full manuscript of your own!

Powerful Marketing Tool

  • Your visibility is multiplied as you’re are included in press releases and other spotlights . Contributing authors can get free publicity every time the other contributors promote the book. You expand your network as your co-authors become a part of your marketing team and you, theirs. The anthology promotes you to both readers and potential publishers.

Focus On the Writing Only 

  • Leave the burden of publishing to the compiler. The content review, editing and formatting is all taken care of. You focus on your strengths and sharing your message.

More Economical

  • Most anthologies are a lot less expensive to participate in, than that of writing and publishing your own book.

You Get Support & Community

  • When you contribute to an anthology, you join a team and can collaborate with others. The compiler offers support, encouragement, help, and networking.

Expand to Global Visibility Opportunities

  • You can meet and network with the other contributors. In addition, being associated with other published authors can increase your standing in your industry. And their audience will learn about you. The compiler might offer articles, events, podcasts, and an International Summit to help expand your reach globally.

These are great ways to build your brand and authority in your field. But here is where you will make the greatest impact and grow your business even more by emotionally connecting to your target audience which is through your story.

As you can see, there are strong reasons for writing a chapter for an anthology. From building yourself up as a writer to expanding your audience and opportunities, the benefits of contributing to a collaborative effort are pretty enticing.

I believe it’s time for you to stop being a best kept secret because your work matters, your message matters and people need to find you! 


Meet Your Mentor

About Seema Giri

My name is Seema Giri, and I am a 4x #1 International Best Selling and Award Winning Author, Speaker, Book Writing Mentor & Publisher.

After my first book, The Authorities, co-authored with Dr. John Gray from Mars Venus Series where I share my recovery story from being bedridden to a successful entrepreneur.  I saw the profound effect of hope, encouragement and inspired actions it had on people. I realized the importance of sharing your story.

That’s when I set it as my mission to create the anthology platform for the everyday heroes in our backyards to share their amazing stories, expand their influence and make a bigger impact in their own way.

There is an immense need for HEALING right now. Stories of how others have created a more joyful life living their purpose No Matter What can have an immense impact on one’s life. We live vicariously through others stories and when such stories are shared then the possibilities of achieving it for themselves is more realistic and within reach.
I would love to partner with you in my upcoming anthologies.

Leave A Legacy For Lasting Impact With
Your Story & Your Expertise

Here's What's Included:

  • 60 Minute Private Consulting Session with Seema Giri
  • Your Chapter of 1,500-2,500 words featured on our powerful anthology (you retain the rights to your chapter)
  • Your Author profile and bio in the book
  • Content review, review from readers perspective, editing, formatting and production of the book
  • We will produce both an electronic Kindle version and a Soft Cover Version that can be printed on-demand
  • 2 Day Full-scale Best-Selling Visibility Campaign for the book, all authors, and it will result in a guaranteed Best-Selling Status for the book (all authors participate in the marketing campaign)
  • Global distribution of the book to online retailers such as on Amazon, Apple Books ans Barnes & Noble Online Stores
  • Opportunity to purchase copies of the print book at a special author rate 
  • You will be featured in ALL of our promotion campaigns
  • All promotional graphics for book launch campaign will be provided to you
  • Participation in private Facebook group just for authors so you can connect and get to know each other
  • Book will be promoted and shared out through Seema's Global reach
  • Versus Magazine feature articles about our book
  • Author Calls personally led by Seema to provide you support, answer questions, and inform you of next steps
  • You keep all rights to your chapter

Now Accepting Applications 

Book to Release in March 2023

Potential Program Bonuses (Valued at $15,000)
Multiple Packages Available

20 min speaking slot on Break Free International Summit

6 month program
Learn Mindset, Mission & Moves  
Design, Develop & Deliver 

Your Visibility Action Plan  
Shine Your Brilliance Bootcamp 

to Amplify Visibility Implementation/Integration for Execution

Book Signing Kit : Postcard, Double Sided Book Mark & Poster

Signed Copy of Break Free to Health & Vitality or Art of Leadership Book

Citation As An Expert
in major medias (Potentially CBS, ABC, NBC News, and FOX) be given the logos to use in your graphics

Access to 9 week Sales Mastery Class starting   The Art of Authentic Selling

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

-Maya Angelou


"Break Free to Stand in Your Power is an elegant and inspiring collection of chapters. Reading these magical stories and imbibing the many life lessons shared in them will cause your spirits to soar to greater heights and help you achieve your full potential."

-Dr. Sanjiv Chopra
Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School

"I didn't know I had story until my conversation with Seema. She helped me see that I was further ahead in my journey than I was giving myself credit for. I was able to acknowledge that I had a story and it can help others."

-Amanda Yiravanti

"I had signed up to write a book a few years ago and couldn't get it done. I was surprised at how simple your process was and that's what helped me get it done this time."

-Sunil Cherian

"I am so glad that I chose this book to be my first one to be involved in. I highly recommend Seema so much so that I am in her 2nd book, Break Free to Peace, love and Unity."

 -Karina Aragon

"Seema Giri has pulled together an impressive group of authors who share their powerful personal stories and the even more powerful lessons they learned from those experiences. The authors gleaned precious bits of guidance to assist others in moving to their own place of power, acceptance, and brilliance by “breaking free” of those patterns that no longer serve the journey.
It will be a cherished instrument toward helping many to journey to their rightful place of power!"

 – Nancy Tarr Hart
PhD Author, Speaker & Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Notre Dame of Maryland University

"I love the fact that Seema believes that everybody has a story to tell that can help others. It was finally time for me to tell mine. The book launch was incredible, she had orchestrated this beautiful book launch from having entertainers to speakers and everything in between. When Seema proposed another book, was already ALL in for Break Free to Health & Vitality Book."

-Michele Sugiyama
#1 International Best Selling Author Break Free to Stand in Your Power